The problem of  Traction!

There are now 4 options to gain traction, if you don’t have four wheel drive. 1) Chains, which work great but give you an extremely rough ride. 2) Tire cables, which work really well, but are a little bumpy and you might have trouble sourcing them to fit. 3) Traction Screws, which we happen to like a lot and are used in our videos. They provide a smooth ride with amazing traction. 4) NEW Terra Grip Traction Belts which we have not tested, but look promousing!
With our Traction Screws or Traction Studs, you’ll be driving your forklift in conditions you never thought possible. You’ll be surprised with how well they work and impressed with how well they’re made. With carbide inserts, we doubt you’ll ever wear them out. The widest auger on the market prevents them from sinking deeper into the tire or pulling out when in use. Your tires will wear out before these screws.

The best Traction Screws, no question in our mind.

Smooth Ride – Amazing Traction – Carbide Durability

Use on Pneumatic Tires
Carbide Tipped Traction Screws
Use on Solid Tires

Try them – Don’t worry,  we’ll take em Back!

Penetration Depth – Solid and Pneumatic Tires

  3/8″ for Standard Grip – 1/2″ for Super Grip

Standard Grip tool used in plow equipment

Standard Grip
$1.09 each

Super Grip screw tool used in plow equipment

Super Grip
$1.19 each

  1. Standard Grip provides excellent traction for plowing while enabling you to drive your machine indoors. The screws barely extend beyond the tires tread (1/32″ – 1/16″).  After ten years of sales we’ve never had a single complaint. However, our testing shows that the Standard Grip can make minor scratches in concrete and asphalt surfaces when performing  maximum turns, spinning tires or slamming on the brakes.
  2. Super Grip  are best suited for forklifts used mainly outside on asphalt or an aggregate surface. They are more aggressive than Standard Grip and will  make minuscule chips in concrete floors. Both  size screws can be used without damage to asphalt.
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Installation is quite simple.

Traction screws can easily be screwed into the rubber treads using a variable speed drill. You have the option of leaving them in year round. (They are carbide tipped. We doubt you’ll wear them out.) As a second option, they are also easily removed when your winter season is over. (install = 1 hr per 27″ tall tire)

We recommend 2 or 3 traction screws per tire tread. (as seen in pics on this page)

We have developed a formula to determine the amount of screws you’ll need for your tires. You want great traction, no fooling around, there’s work to be done. Certainly you can use less, or put in more. But we’re going to recommend an amount, we’re pretty sure you’ll be quite happy with.

We have been running the standard grip for over ten years and notice minimal scratches to our outdoor concrete slab, which we drive on year round every day. The lift is kept inside on a polished concrete floor again with minimal scratches. 
We do not want to mislead you. We would not recommend using them on a polished showroom floor. However, in most cases there is work to be done and the concrete floors are in work areas where most would not notice some minor scratches which mainly come from turning extremely sharp or hitting the brakes and skidding. If there is an issue the screws can be screwed in a little deeper, by hand about 1/2 turn, which limits exposure. As you may realize, you don’t have to leave them in year round. You can take them out when the season is over.
We’ve been selling these screws for over 10-years without one single complaint. So give them a try. You won’t be disappointed. And if you are not happy with the performance, we offer the same guarantee as we do with our plows. If you don’t love them, we’ll take them back, simple as that!

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If you don’t love them, we’ll take them back. Simple as that!